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Frank George

DO, MD(H), Medical Director Emeritus

Dr. Frank George practiced osteopathic medicine for more than 25 years and homeopathic medicine for more than 14 years. He was the first osteopathic physician in the United States trained in Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT). He was also an accomplished chelating physician with the use of EDTA, DMPS, and DMSA for heavy metal toxicity and cardiovascular disorders. Dr. George’s legacy and protocols continue to live and thrive in our clinic.

Read Frank George's CV

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Hayle Aldren


Hayle T. Aldren MD(H) has been a consultant in Integrative Cancer Medicine for over 30 years, following postgraduate studies in complementary oncology in Germany. During residency he trained at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. He has also done advanced studies in infectious and occupational causes of cancer, and is a diplomat of the Royal College of Surgeons (I). He currently teaches and consults internationally, and served as a senior IPT instructor for ten years. His research and practice activities include biological and immune therapies, nutritional and metabolic support, and preventive and rehabilitation oncology.

Read Hayle Aldren's CV

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Helen Watt


Dr. Helen Watt is a graduate of Tulane University School of Medicine and holds a Masters in Public Health – Nutrition. Dr. Watt is a Diplomate of the American Board of Otorhinolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery since 1982. She is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Otorhinolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery since 1985. Dr. Watt brings more than 20 years of experience and exceptional educational background in Integrative Medicine and Cancer treatments to EuroMed.

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Wanda Lachowicz

HMA (USA), MD (Poland)

Wanda graduated from the Lublin Medical Academy, Poland, in 1976 and was awarded a specialty degree in trauma surgery. She worked as a trauma surgeon at Warsaw Hospital from 1979-1989. She moved to the United States and obtained certification as a homeopathic medical assistant (HMA). In 2002, she joined our medical center and supervises the IV division. She is certified in the use of Insulin Potentiation Therapy. To our patients undergoing alternative treatment for prostate cancer,lung cancer and other life-threatening cancers, she is their emotional lifeline, their mother, and their trusted friend.

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David Cardosi


David R. Cardosi PA-C brings 22 years of clinical experience as a Physician Assistant to his position at Euromed. He practiced for 17 years at Trauma 2 emergency departments in Dallas. The remainder of his career has been in Family Practice and Urgent Care. Mr. Cardosi graduated summa cum laude from University of Texas Southwestern Medical School and trained at Parkland Hospital. Throughout his years he has made a study of fitness, nutrition and Alternative Health. David is a strong advocate of the balance of body, mind and spirit being the essential foundation of health and happiness.

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Sean Devlin


Dr. Devlin is Board certified in family practice and homeopathic medicine. He is a certified IPT instructor and has traveled to many countries to learn new ways to treat cancer. He worked at the Reno Integrative Medical Center, providing treatment for chronic illness and cancer primarily using high-frequency, low-dose chemotherapy, orthomolecular medicine, cell formulas and homeopathic remedies.

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Yulia Ruditser

MD, Russia

Yulia Ruditser was trained as a medical doctor in Russia, practicing neurology and neuroscience for 25 years. She has also mastered CranioSacral therapy, Reiki and Nutrition over the past 10 years. She engages spiritual practices, energy work and yoga foundation elements.

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Shelley Ann Glass


Shelley is a registered medical assistant, trained at Carrington College in Phoenix, Arizona. She is also a registered Homeopathic/Integrative Medical Assistant in Arizona. Shelley is a trusted and important part of our medical team. She has extensive work experience spanning many years here at EuroMed.

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Alcides Calderon Betancourt


Alcides received a Bachelor Degree in Nursing from the Medical University of Camaguey, Cuba. He also received additional training in Nursing Process, Administration of Medications, Accident and Emergency care, Chronic Disease, Infection Control and Ebola disease in Cuba and Jamaica. He worked as a registered nurse in Cuba and as a medical assistant in the U.S. He published and presented Nursing Process applied to a Hemorrhoid disease in Jamaica. Alcides is a highly trained registered Homeopathic/Integrative Medical Assistant and brings his expertise to our medical team at EuroMed.

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Evelyn Camacho


Evelyn attended Fortress Medical Assisting School and has 25 years of experience as a Certified Medical Assistant for an Orthopedic Physician group in New Jersey. She brings her experience and expertise to EuroMed and is highly valued as part of our medical team.

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Ailyn Garces Mendez

MA (USA), MD (Cuba)

Ailyn earned her medical degree from the Higher Institute of Medical Sciences of Santiago de Cuba, with post doctorate training in General Medicine and Pediatrics. She also obtained a degree in Occupational Medicine at the University of Carabobo in Venezuela. Dr. Mendez works at EuroMed as a registered medical assistant.

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Yuslay Ponce Sanchez


Yuslay received a Bachelor Degree in Nursing from the Medical University of Guantanamo, Cuba. She also received additional training in Cuba and Jamaica, resulting in a Public Health Diploma, Epidemiology in Primary Health Care, Family Planning for Midwives and Nurses and in Infectious Prevention. Yuslay has extensive work experience and training, she is a registered Homeopathic/Integrative Medical Assistant and brings her expertise to EuroMed.

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Y.M. Chen

Ph.D., L.Ac. – Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture

Y.M. Chen, Ph.D., L.Ac., has practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for Psychosomatic disorders, Neuromuscular and Musculoskeletal pain since 1991. He studied and trained at Traditional Chinese Medial College of Hong Kong, Chinese Taiyuit Acupuncture Research Institute of Hong Kong and Amoy University, China. He has received his Doctor of Philosophy in Oriental Medicine from American Liberty University. He is the president of Chinese Health Center, Inc. Anthem, AZ . Currently, He is a member of The American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, World Association of Tung’s Acupuncture, The American Abdominal Acupuncture Medical Association and Arizona Society of Oriental Medicine. With his distinctive nature, unique characteristics, leadership experience, educational skill and acquired treatment methods, he offers his best knowledge and services for both Acupuncture associations and the communities. He provides resonant, quality healing and tremendous relief to those in need of disease prevention, and to those who desire to reach the better quality of life.

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Victoria Bowmann


Victoria Bowmann, PhD has been a driving force in holistic health for almost four decades. She earned her PhD (1999) from Westbrook University in Homeopathy and Natural Medicine. Her work has principally been in probiotic research and the benefits of detoxification for well being. She is a certified colon therapist and licensed massage therapist in the state of Arizona. She is presently the chairman of the State Board of Massage Therapy.

Bowmann has been a regular contributor to several national publications including: Explore! for the Professional, Naturopathic News and Review, and Public Health Alert. She presented at the Utah Footzone Conference (2016), Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine in Long Beach CA (2013), 40th Annual Cancer Control Society (2012), Lyme-Autism Connection Conference (2009). As an international educator, she has presented seminars, lecture, workshops, and trained practitioners in Europe and the US since 1996.

Her first book You Gotta Have GUTS: The Natural Way to Enhance GI Health was published in 2009. The anthology The Power of Giving and The Magic of Thinking GIN also has a chapter from Victoria (may request free ebook).

Her goal is to help EuroMed patients in their quest for greater health and to help other practitioners help their patients through the discoveries and information she has brought to the health field.

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Brandi Owens

RN, Electro-Lymphatic Therapy

Brandi has more than a decade of experience providing Electro-Lymphatic Therapy in integrative settings. Brandi began her training in Electro-Lymphatic Therapy (ELT) in 2005 and has continued to grow and evolve her personal practice into one that is now taught in Integrative Cancer Centers around the world. She has been certifying ELT practitioners for over 7 years and assisting with integrating the therapy into International Integrative Medical Centers. In addition to being an expert in her field of lymphatic health, Brandi brings more than 24 years of clinical experience in nursing with a background in Critical Care Medicine and Oncology to EuroMed.

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Nicholas Meyer

D.D.S, D.N.M.

Dr. Meyer is a true biological dentist who understands how dental problems can be fertile ground for cancer. He has a vast background in the areas of advanced general dentistry (i.e. Dental implants & Temporomandibular disorders) and a mix of services found in complimentary medicine (ie. Homeopathy & physical medicine), he delivers a unique mix of services. Dr. Meyer brings his dental experience and expertise to EuroMed.

Read Nicholas Meyer's CV

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Maura Maceachern

Licensed Massage Therapist

Maura is a licensed massage therapist with certification in lymphatic drainage. She graduated from Phoenix College in 2011 with honors. She provides lymphatic drainage treatments at EuroMed by developing a customized plan for each patient.

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Bridget Abraham

Certified Classical Homeopath

Bridget graduated from The American Medical College of Homeopathy. Her practice includes the treatment of cancer patients at EuroMed. Bridget is very passionate about helping clients and looks forward to helping you achieve a more vibrant, healthy life.

Advisory Board

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Eduardo Lasalvia-Prisco


Dr. Lasalvia-Prisco is an Oncologist with a strong background in cancer immunotherapy. He served as Director of the National Cancer Institute of Uroguay. He is a member of the American Society of Clinical Oncology. He has authored or co-authored 155 published papers in scientific journals, Medical Congress Acts, international forums and peer review journals. Dr. Lasalvia-Prisco serves on the Advisory Board for EuroMed.

Dr. Lasalvia-Prisco’s Publications

Read Eduardo Lasalvia-Prisco's CV

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Jose Carlos Dau


Dr. Dau received his medical degree from the University of Uruguay in 1972, then went on to receive his Internal Medicine and Hematology specialty degrees from the University of Uruguay. Dr. Dau is an Assistant Professor at the School of Medicine at the University of Uruguay in Clinical Pathology. He is the Chief of Hematology at the National Cancer Institute of Uruguay, Public Health System. Dr. Dau has developed a line of work on the use of stem cell recovery from peripheral blood to treat different diseases. He is a Hematologist Consultant at The National Fund of Resources of Uruguay. Dr. Dau serves on the Advisory Board at EuroMed.

Dr. Dau’s Reseach

Read Jose Carlos Dau's CV

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Tsuneo Kobayashi


Tsuneo Kobayashi is an Oncologist and completed his medical degree at Tottori University. He then entered the graduate school of medicine at Kyoto University, doing research in biochemistry and received his PhD. His career has been iconic in the field of alternative cancer care. His achievements are too numerous to list. Dr. Kobayashi serves on the Advisory Board for EuroMed.

Read about Tsuneo Kobayashi, MD

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Athanasios Vouloumanos


Dr Vouloumanos is an Oncologist who received his medical degree from 2nd Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic). He studied Invasive Brachytherapy, Gynecological Cancer at Alexandra Maternity Hospital of Athens. He received a medical acupuncture diploma from the International postgraduate center of Acupuncture. He is certified from the International Academy for Homotoxicology in applied Homotoxicology from Baden-Baden in Germany. He received training and certification in Radiation Oncology at Alexandra hospital in Athens. He completed post graduate studies in Bioregulatory Aesthetics from the British Academy of Bioregulatory Medicine which included training in Homeopathic Mesotherapy, Cosmetic Acupuncture, Facial muscle isometric exercises and facial manual lymphatic massage. He recently completed 2 years of post graduate studies in London including Nutrition, Mesotherapy, Homeopathy, Homotoxicology, Bioresonance, Acupuncture, Breathing techniques, Pulse Electromagnetic Field, Oil pulling and Platelets Rich Plasma. Dr. Vouloumanos serves on the Advisory Board at EuroMed.

Read Athanasios Vouloumanos's CV

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