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Alternative Lung Cancer Treatment in Phoenix

About 222,500 new cases of lung cancer appear in the United States every year. Only a small number of these people has sufficient information about alternative lung cancer treatments. However, many studies have been done to prove that alternative treatment is what works for many cancer patients. Chemotherapy and toxic medications are not the only way to fight lung cancer. In fact, the toxins ruin the organism and the immune system, making it susceptible to different forms of cancer.

The holistic approach to cancer treatment includes homeopathy, physical exercises, therapies, and medications. There are many natural treatments for lung cancer that allow patient avoid the unfortunate consequences of chemotherapy while offering satisfactory results.

While cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in the world, the approach to its treatment is simple. The immune system needs to get sufficient resources to fight the problem. A weakened system stops functioning properly and doesn’t have an opportunity to heal the body. Alternative lung cancer treatments include immune system boosting remedies. Even though most of them are natural, a patient should still consult a doctor before taking advantage of the treatment.

Each lung cancer is different. Every patient needs a special approach. The holistic lung cancer treatment entails finding a perfect mix of natural, herbal, and homeopathic remedies to keep cancer from spreading and eliminate the tumors. Without the right approach, even the best treatment can go to waste.

Herbal Natural Treatment for Lung Cancer

Herbal medicine involves plants and plant extracts mixed together to create a remedy. There are two types of herbal medicine commonly used to treat lung cancer: Western and Chinese. There are also Ayurvedic and Tibetan herbal medicines, which are not widely used in the USA. The goal of herbal treatments is to give the body the power to prevent illness and to heal it.

If you go to a pharmacy, you’ll see many medications that contain plant extracts. However, herbal medicine has a different approach to making remedies than the pharmaceutical industry does. The main goal of the herbalist is to create the right mix of the plants. While each ingredient is helpful on its own, the only way to reach the right results is to mix several of them properly.

Western herbalist needs to know your family history, lifestyle trends, health history etc. to find the right treatment. They use herbs that grow in the United States or Europe to create the right plant mix. Many lung cancer patients rely on the western medicine as a complementary therapy.

Chinese herbalists use plant mixes and extracts as only a part of the treatment. Traditional Chinese Medicine also includes physical therapy, acupuncture, and massages. In many cases, people use western herbal medicine coupled with Chinese physical therapy. Chinese herbalists don’t limit themselves to plants. They use minerals and animal products as well.

Herbal treatment for lung cancer is one of the most popular alternatives. More than 60 % of lung cancer patients use at least some part of Chinese traditional medicine and western herbal medicine as a complementary therapy.

The reason why so many people turn to herbal treatments is that they alleviate pain and improve the overall condition. While herbal treatments may have minor side effects, they are much gentler then toxic drugs and chemotherapy. Even though each patient needs an individual consultation about using herbal medicine, the treatment can be done in the comfort of his or her home.

Homeopathic Alternative Lung Cancer Treatment

Another component of a holistic approach to lung cancer treatment is homeopathy. Homeopathy has been used for centuries. It can deal with a variety of conditions that stem from a compromised immune system.

While many people consider homeopathy a natural treatment, it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Homeopathic medications are specifically designed to suit people with different traits. Only an experienced homeopath can prescribe homeopathic lung cancer treatment to a patient.

Not all patients and lung cancer conditions are created equal. It’s imperative to find the right balance of meds before using them. Some of the homeopathic medications used to treat lung cancer are Thuja occidentalis, Cadmium sulph, Calcarea carbonica, Kalu phosphoricum, Lycopodium paltatum, Acidum picricum, and Sanguinaria. The dosage must be determined by a homeopath.

Other Components of Alternative Lung Cancer Treatment

Alternative lung cancer treatment involves physical exercises, massage, and acupuncture. While a patient needs a specialist to proceed with acupuncture and massage, exercises can be done at home.

Physical exercises, such as yoga, don’t just boost the immune system and build muscle, they reduce stress and anxiety. Stress relief is compulsory for lung cancer patients. Stress constantly damages a patient’s body instead of allowing it to heal.

The workout routine should also be discussed with a doctor. Not all exercises are suitable for people with different stages of lung cancer. This therapy allows a patient to have more control over the disease and the treatment process.

If you want to learn more about alternative treatments for lung cancer, you can call our office at (602) 404-0400 to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors. We can tell you about our holistic approach and other therapies.

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