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Alternative Treatment for Stomach Cancer

Although statistics indicate a massive and continuous global drop-down in stomach cancer cases since 1930’s, it’s still amongst the five most commonplace and, consequentially – deadliest cancers around. With 3.5 million new cases in 2015 alone and poor overall prognosis (10% five-year survival rate globally), the disease is as current and formidable as ever. While frequent screenings, timely surgical intervention, and conventional therapies are proven to be effective means of treating the condition, alternative treatment for stomach cancer is renowned as a great complementary means of fighting both the root cause of the disease and alleviating its symptoms. Experts from EuroMed Foundation with their years’ worth of experience in treating various cancers with natural remedies and other holistic approaches are here to share a couple tips on how to combat the disease without damaging one’s physical and mental well-being.

Known Causes Of Stomach Cancer and Associated Risks

Acknowledging the location of particular cancer (also known as gastric cancer), it almost goes without saying that the most prevalent factors of stomach cancer development are diet and lifestyle-related. Smoked food, processed meat, foods rich in salt (and salt itself), red meat, and pickled vegetables are known to cultivate a cancer-friendly environment in the human organism. While the link between certain foods and stomach cancer is still debated by the scientific community, smoking is unanimously recognized as an extremely potent contributor to the development of the disease. Genetic factor and infection with the bacteria known as Helicobacter pylori are also regarded as essential risk factors, with the former being responsible for 10% risk increase of while the latter increases the stomach cancer probability for 65 to 80%. Obesity, as well as exposure to asbestos, is also linked with increased risk of developing the condition.

Symptoms Of Stomach Cancer to Keep an Eye on

The symptoms range from mild disturbances to severe discomfort that can often significantly reduce the life quality of the patient. The category of mild symptoms includes nausea, indigestion, feeling bloated, and loss of appetite. However, none of the mentioned symptoms are unique only to stomach cancer and may indicate a myriad of other serious conditions. As such, they are definitely worth a discussion with your doctor. The symptoms that might indicate an extremely serious condition and, perhaps, an advanced stage gastric cancer include blood in stool, intense stomach pain, vomiting, yellowish skin and eyes, heartburn and inexplicable weight loss. Regardless of which category one can relate with, any of these symptoms should be regarded as a serious call to action.

Stomach Cancer Treatment with Holistic Methods

Although the stomach cancer’s alternative treatment is strongly recommended as additional supplementary therapy to boost the impact of conventional therapies, it is, nevertheless, a very potent method when dealing with the disease, its underlying causes, and symptoms. Home-made juices, rich in Vitamin C are able to clean out stomach-infesting bacteria, thanks to their antioxidant properties. Meanwhile, Indian Gooseberry, also known as Amla, has numerous chemo-preventive properties that can significantly reduce the negative impact that chemotherapy has on the healthy cells. Undeniably the most popular natural remedy when it comes to stomach cancer’s natural treatment, Lu Feng Fang is a Chinese herb that’s accessible in the most stores specializing in natural products. Essiac tea with added cinnamon and honey is also regarded as an effective remedy and as such is widely used as a prophylactic measure. A diet that’s rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, and diet supplements rich in Vitamin D are also well-known means of accumulating a cancer-hostile terrain in the patient’s organism. To reduce the risk of developing the particular disease, it is imperative to maintain low-stress levels and indulge in a variety of physical activities. Regular sleeping schedule, yoga, and interval exercises – all of these are capable of keeping your body in the top shape, initiate apoptosis (the death of cancerous cells) and alter your immune system, to make it less prone to damage, caused by the disease and the allopathic therapies.

Therapies Employed by the EuroMed Foundation

Although most of the complementary therapies practiced in EuroMed Foundation are capable, in one way or another, combat most types of cancer and significantly reduce their symptoms; there are a handful of methods that are particularly effective when it comes to stomach cancer. BEMER therapy which aims to electromagnetic potential in unhealthy cells is able to correct abnormalities in metabolism and provide stimulation to the most minuscule of blood vessels found in the human body. In short, the therapy provides an effect that’s similar to the processes initiated by active exercising, yet a much more pronounced one. It also helps to maintain a healthy substance absorption and waste excretion, something that’s particularly important when it comes to cancerous formations in the gastrointestinal tract. Meanwhile, intravenous administration of the much-needed Vitamin C is a safe detour around the bowel intolerance, carried out in order to deliver high, potentially cancer-killing dosage (depending on the case, it can go as high as 100 grams) of Vitamin C through patient’s bloodstream. Enhancing the immune system’s natural ability to fight fungal and bacterial infections, Vitamin C is a true powerhouse of antioxidant, capable of eliminating most toxins and killing the cancer cells without any negative effect on the healthy cells. Additional dosages of the antioxidant known as glutathione are used to deal with free radicals before they inflicted any serious damage to the patient’s DNA. Now, without much of further insight, DNA damage is the fundament of all cancer-related issues, thus eliminating the problem at its core is somewhat of a confrontation at the frontier. Once used in combination with the conventional chemotherapy, it will not only boost its effectiveness but will also protect patient’s nervous system against excessive toxicity.

Apart from these, there are dozens of other complementary cancer treatment therapies professed in EuroMed Foundation, each of which is applied according to the individual’s condition, the specifics of the complaints and the nature of symptoms. If you wish to learn more about the complementary stomach cancer therapies available at EuroMed Foundation, make sure to contact us via email or call our office directly at (602) 404-0400 to arrange a live telephone consultation or schedule an in-person meeting.

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