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Alternative Treatment for Brain Cancer in Phoenix

What do we know about brain cancer?

Although brain cancer is a relatively uncommon occurrence with approximately 308,102 new cases of brain and CNS cancers were diagnosed, and 251,329 cancer-related deaths occurred in 2020 worldwide, it’s a diagnosis that’s still justly dreaded amongst the general public. A malignant tumor that can develop in any area of the human brain, brain cancer is a disease that’s still heavily studied by scientists when it comes to its possible causes. With a prolonged treatment process that’s often both physically and mentally demanding, it is important to know all the options one has when it comes to limiting the potential damage and boosting the whole healing process. Experts from EuroMed Foundation are here to share a couple of methods and facts with regards to alternative brain cancer treatments.

Causes and Symptoms of Brain Cancer to Keep an Eye on

Before addressing the means of preventing and combating the brain cancer with natural remedies, let’s have a quick overview of the disease itself. From what little is known, the brain cancer has a variety of risk factors, most of which we’re a subject to due to the modern lifestyle. Although none of the following are confirmed to have a direct connection with brain cancer development, individuals that are employed in oil refinery, or are handling chemicals such as embalmers, benzene, chemists, as well as people that are working in rubber-industry, are generally believed to have a higher risk of developing brain cancer. While heredity factor is often considered to be an important factor, it’s still yet to be scientifically either confirmed or debunked. Exposure to radiation, smoking, and HIV are also thought to be contributing factors. Meanwhile, cell phone usage, untreated head trauma and the use of aspartame, are unlikely to have any effect on malignant brain tumor development whatsoever, despite the majority of web-based outlets constantly propagating the opposite. When it comes to the symptoms of brain cancer, clearly, most of them are associated with mildly disturbed cognitive ability and generally irritating sensations around the head region. However, some symptoms, depending on the location of the tumor, can be quite severe in their nature. Apart from headache, nausea, seizures, impaired vision, larger tumors in Wernicke’s area can actually affect one’s ability to read and comprehend spoken language. Meanwhile tumors in frontal lobe can significantly change one’s thinking patterns and conceptual understanding. Hallucinations, difficulty to walk and episodes of unconsciousness may also occur.

Alternative Brain Cancer Treatments

Although typically brain cancer is best treated with conventional cancer medicine such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, it is entirely possible and even recommendable to carry out brain cancer’s natural treatment alongside allopathic therapy course. Depending on the stage, the severity of symptoms and patient’s individual characteristics, experts from EuroMed Foundation will develop a special treatment course taking into account all aspects of each particular case. This is done in order to not only combat the disease but to use holistic means to eliminate its root cause, significantly reduce the chance of recurrent cancer, nourish the body during the physically demanding therapy course and rejuvenate both body and spirit, all at once.

Peace of Mind in Alternative Brain Cancer Treatment

Now, when it comes to brain cancer, it all mostly revolves around maintaining low-stress levels and having a frequent quality sleep. In order to eliminate stress, we suggest techniques such as meditation, yoga and simple breathing exercises – all while inhaling frankincense essential oil. Part of what makes brain cancer so dangerous is the inflammation of swelling. Meanwhile, frankincense extract contains boswellic acid that’s capable of reducing the inflammation and putting the fluid accumulation to a halt. This characteristic is crucial when a patient undergoes cancer removal surgery – both pre and post operation.

Regular Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as a Treatment for Brain Cancer

Another effective way of treating and alleviating the symptoms of brain cancer is to carry out regular hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The therapy is particularly effective when it comes to reversing the effects caused by the cancer treatment drugs, improving motor and cognitive skills as well as creating new blood vessels. It’s a popular way to reduce the effects of neural diseases by boosting oxygen circulation in the patient’s brain.

Diet for Brain Cancer Treatment

Expectedly so, one should also carefully reconsider their menu. With the potentially devastating effects the conventional therapies can inflict on patient’s body, there’s really a serious reason to give up some of the usual guilty pleasures. Vegetables and herbs support the brain with antioxidants, reduce the inflammation and help eliminate free radicals. Green leafy vegetables, the ever-present turmeric, thyme, basil, oregano, and ginger are all renowned for their anti-cancer properties. Next to these make sure to consume a lot of green tea, as it’s another easily accessible remedy that contains a hefty amount of essential compounds.
As it was already mentioned, whether one embraces it as a preventive measure or as means of acquiring energy to combat the disease, sufficient sleep is of utmost importance. During these few hours, the glympathic system gets rid of the toxic waste collected in the brains during the day. Long story short – if you deprive yourself of sleep, you are essentially not allowing the container to be emptied.

Homeopathic Brain Cancer Treatment

Meanwhile, when it comes to homeopathic brain cancer treatment, just as it is with any holistic system, the remedies and the means of consuming them are selected on the basis of cause and the nature of patient’s complaints. Homeopathic brain cancer treatment often involves the following remedies:

  • Thuja
  • Khali Brom
  • Argentum Nitricum
  • Belladonna
  • Cicuta Virosa However, acknowledging the uniqueness of each individual case, it is important to consult your physician or a certified homeopathic doctor to create an individualized remedy menu.

    Eliminating Brain Cancer and Alleviating Symptoms with EuroMed

    With years’ worth of experience in fighting different types of oncological conditions, experts from EuroMed Foundation are here to present you with a wide variety of holistic remedies and alternative therapies that will facilitate the healing process, keep your immune system in top shape and help you feel highly-spirited and vital during the conventional therapy course. To learn more about our brain cancer treatment options, go to our complementary therapies for cancer section or call our alternative cancer treatment center at (602) 404-0400 to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists.

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