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Breast Cancer: A EuroMed Patient’s Story

Posted on2017-12-13 15:27:13by EuroMed Physicians

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At EuroMed, breast cancer is one of the most common cancers we treat. However, the condition is complex. Often, a number of genetic and lifestyle factors are involved, making it imperative that each case is treated with a customized protocol. Often, this includes insulin potentiation therapy, sometimes called IPT, a cancer treatment pioneered by EuroMed. This patient is just one of many who has successfully treated her metastatic breast cancer with the team at EuroMed. We often combine the following treatments based on each patient’s needs.

Low-dose chemotherapy (IPT).

More formally known as insulin potentiation therapy, our most popular treatment relies on cancer’s attraction to sugar to successfully administer lower doses of chemotherapy without significantly reducing its effectiveness. Lower doses of chemotherapy mean fewer side effects. Patients report little to no nausea, fatigue, neuropathy, and other symptoms more commonly associated with traditional

Vitamin therapy.

We administer high doses of essential vitamins intravenously. This maximizes absorption, as the vitamins completely bypass the digestive system. Instead, they’re delivered to the tissues that need them most, reducing symptoms of deficiency, protecting against metastases, and promoting an overall sense of vitality and well-being.

Immune therapy

Chemotherapy, even low-dose chemotherapy, can tax the immune system. Immune therapy is a complementary option that nourishes and strengthens the immune system, allowing it to work more efficiently. A strong immune system can defend you against cold, flu, and other “bugs” during IPT, allowing your body to focus its energies on fighting cancer.

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