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Homotoxicology, Meridian Testing and Cancer

Posted on 2020-01-14 15:57:17 by EuroMed Physicians

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Here is the story of most American cancer patients: a person is diagnosed with some sort of cancer and told what stage it is. They are told their options according to mainstream medicine’s choice of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. They get themselves treated in one or more of these ways, and very often they are told that their cancer has gone away. The patient is given a clean bill of health, but the cancer doctors don’t file their charts away too far, because they know the person will probably be back. Some time goes by, perhaps even a few years. The person now is again diagnosed with cancer, only this time the prognosis is grim, the cancer is worsening rapidly, and their only hope is aggressive treatment that is at least as likely to kill the person as the cancer is, if not more.

At this point many cancer patients begin thinking seriously about some other way to go. There must, after all, be another way, right? Most people who seriously think about some alternative to mainstream cancer treatments are talked out of it, either by their doctors, their families, or their own selves. Truly, most of us would rather die than take a chance on looking like fools. The person usually ends up going along with the harsh regimen prescribed by the doctors and is usually dead before long. This is the way it is. Most people die quickly after they get diagnosed with cancer the second time.

Are there other ways to go? Of course there are, and some of them are not at all foolish or foolhardy. Does the following presentation seem foolish to you?- Why do people so often get cancer again? Is it because the oncologists didn’t really get it all out in the first place, even though they removed whole tumors and maybe cut off big chunks of surrounding tissue, because some cancer cells will always be floating in blood or other fluids somewhere? Is it because the cancer-causing process itself was never addressed, so when the results of this process were cut out, the process brought the cancer back again, this time with more ease and precision, having gone through the procedure once already? Or both?

We at EuroMed know that both reasons are true, because we have seen this play out in our patients’ lives, and we see the results of what we do to confront these facts. We see the reality of the disease process resulting in cancer, and we see how sensible science and common sense approaches reverse this process. We see how this works in real people in real life; we see how converting the body from being in disease process to being in health process turns peoples’ lives around. Modern medical science has confirmed what ancient medical science already knew: there are six stages to disease, and the cancer stage is the final one. The modern science known as homotoxicology gives us a map to guide us in what to expect when a person’s health is getting worse or getting better. Here’s how it works in a nutshell.

The immune system is the guide to health and disease. It is the most critical system in the body. If it is healthy, we are healthy, and if it is sick, we are sick. When a disease entity or toxin first tries to enter the body, the immune system tries to kick it back out through couphing, sweating, vomiting, urinating, or purging. This is the first stage, the excretion phase. If the immune system is not successful, then the disease goes deeper, and the immune system resorts to the inflammatory process to fight it, resulting in swollen glands full of white blood cells trying to kill germs, fevers, and other inflammations. This is the second or inflammatory phase. If this does not stop the disease, it enters what is known as the deposition stage. The immune system takes the disease entity and, as much as it can, shunts it aside and deposits it out of harm’s way till it can find a way to get rid of it. This means putting the disease or toxins in a non-life-threatening area such as the connective tissue or muscles. This is part of the overall process where the immune system is proactive in fighting disease. This is the field of action within which most of our symptoms occur, because most of the outright symptoms we experience are NOT due to the disease but the body’s attempts to fight the disease. This is the side of the equation on which the immune system is relatively healthy.

If these three stages are unsuccessful in dealing with the disease entity, then the immune system enters into the chronic illness side of the equation. The toxic, diseased entities deposited in relatively harmless areas of the body are now too numerous and collecting too rapidly to be removed. Now the body must think not about winning, but about cutting its losses. In this phase, the body seals away and literally entombs toxins, hoping to minimize harm to the whole system, and this stage is thus called the impregnation phase. Eventually, toxins begin to break down the barriers sealing them away, and the surrounding tissues begin to rot. This process gradually spreads to the body as a whole, and so this is the degeneration phase. When this carries on long enough, some area of the body which has already been toxified goes haywire and no longer functions properly at all. The routine cellular regeneration process in that area becomes so degenerated that the cells are too weak to grow up into normal cells, and so they stop at a juvenile level of growth and begin to seek nourishment, aggressively, like teenage gang members looting a devastated town. This is the so-called dedifferentiation stage, where young cells stop differentiating into the various types of tissue needed to perform the body’s work, and instead become monsters bent on destroying all in their path.

Homotoxicology shows us which diseases represent which phases of this disease/health process and how to treat them, and what to expect when we treat them. If a person is getting fewer and fewer symptoms of the excretory, inflammatory or deposition phase but growing overall weaker and less functional, they are becoming deeply, chronically ill. If they are getting overall stronger and are experiencing more of the active immune system symptoms, they are headed into better health, because their immune system is becoming more active. There is a way to gain a unique view into this process through taking electronic readings on the acupuncture meridians. These meridians represent all the systems of the body. Putting all the meridian readings together and overlaying them on the homotoxicology chart of the six phases of the immune system activity gives us a glimpse of the state of the immune system and thus the body’s health at that time.

By taking monthly readings during treatment, we are able to track progress and monitor which areas need special care, which areas to expect symptoms from, and the overall direction things are going. This, combined with lab tests, MRIs, PET/CAT scans and other medical tests, allows us unprecedented access to the workings of our patients’ bodies. Thus we are better able to know what to do for them. This makes us more effective medical doctors and healthcare practitioners. This means that even cancer and other serious chronic and life-threatening illnesses can be understood, treated, and reversed without further damaging immune systems. And so, this kind of human suffering can become a thing of the past, as it has for many people.

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