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A EuroMed Patient Tells Her Story

Posted on 2017-07-26 12:34:00 by EuroMed Physicians

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After Ellen endured 2 rounds of traditional chemotherapy, her ovarian cancer returned. When her doctor said he didn’t have a treatment plan, Ellen started researching alternative cancer treatments and learned about Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) at the EuroMed Foundation.

Ellen joined hundreds of others who’ve benefitted from IPT at our Arizona clinic. IPT is a low-dose form of chemotherapy that, especially when combined with complementary therapies, strengthens patients’ immune systems and boosts their overall health.

In a video posted on the EuroMed YouTube channel, Ellen describes her IPT experience at the clinic.

“The (IPT) protocol, the holistic approach, and the patient-first philosophy dropped my markers 4 times faster than with the traditional approach, with very minimal side effects,” Ellen says. “I haven’t had this much energy and felt this good in years.”

The lack of significant side effects is common among cancer patients who undergo IPT. Traditional chemotherapy typically causes fatigue, nausea, and an overall achiness between treatment sessions. IPT treatments reduce the severity of these side effects — or eliminate them completely — due to these factors:

Low-dose chemotherapy: IPT works even though it uses about one-tenth the amount of standard chemotherapy. It does this by taking advantage of cancer cells’ voracious appetite for sugar. Our doctors carefully lower a patient’s blood sugar level using insulin, then administer the chemotherapy drug along with glucose. The diseased cells absorb the drug along with the glucose, so a much smaller dose is needed. Unlike traditional chemo, which tends to destroy both healthy cells and cancer cells, IPT is much more selective.

Customized treatments: Our doctors create treatment plans based on the individual patient’s needs. That means they factor in the patient’s body type and the specific type of cancer that’s been diagnosed, and calibrate the IPT treatment accordingly.

Complementary therapies: As Ellen says in the video, one of EuroMed’s fundamental philosophies is taking a holistic approach to cancer treatment. Traditional chemotherapy undermines the body’s immune system, leaving it vulnerable to recurrences and other ailments. EuroMed treats the whole person, boosting the immune system so patients are better able to stay healthy, even as they undergo IPT treatments.

If you’re searching for information about alternative approaches to treating cancer, a good place to begin is by reading our earlier blog post that answers 5 of the most common questions about low-dose chemotherapy. You can also browse the rest of our website to learn more about EuroMed.

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