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8 Tips to a Healthier You in the New Year

Posted on2018-01-17 07:45:10by EuroMed Physicians

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Resolutions. Every New Year arrives with a new set of inspiring goals, most of which we either forget after the first couple of months or fiercely hold onto for the whole 365-day ride. More often than not, these commitments revolve around changing our lifestyle for the better and therefore - healthier. Whatever is the case, it’s only welcomed to try and, in the best case scenario, succeed in our quest for an improved well-being. However, staying on the track of positive improvements is no small task, and some guidance can only come in handy. Without further ado, here are 8 tips that will help you keep it healthy and maintain a positive outlook on things in general.

Quit smoking or using any other tobacco-related product

We started off with one of the more obvious tips and, it’s safe to say – one of the most popular ones when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. Even though these days the general public is well informed about the myriad of hazards this unfortunate habit can potentially inflict on our health, we’re still a far cry from a tobacco-free society. Remember that even a single cigarette a day can take a considerable toll on your health in the long term. Quitting will not only significantly reduce the risk of developing cancer and variety of other, potentially fatal chronic conditions but will also radically change your outlook on life in general. More oxygen floating through your body, a pronounced sense of taste and smell, and increased energy levels. Quitting is a start of a wonderful and rewarding journey!

Say No to Sugar More Often

Although it’s difficult to exclude this particular substance from your diet entirely, due to the fact that around 60% of foods and drinks in an average American grocery store contain some form of added sugar, avoiding food products with high levels of sugar concentration is crucial to keeping yourself out of the risk zone. Apart from playing a major part in the development of Diabetes, sugar can feed an existing cancer, as the presence of sugar in the organism creates a fertile environment for the reproduction of cancer cells. It’s not that sugar should be wiped out from your diet completely, but as a part of holistic medicine practice, the intake should be considerably reduced.

Exercise. Regularly.

The most simple and effective way to keep your body and spirit in its optimal shape is, of course, regular exercising. Now, to make matters more enjoyable, you don’t have to overdue it. Just find the type of exercise that compliments your body and lifestyle and stick to it. Whether it’s a morning jog or yoga classes, turning exercising into a regular habit will fill your life with joy and fulfilment. For those confused as to what may suit their lifestyle the best, it’s really worth consulting your physician. From swimming and hiking to aerobics – the means of acquiring satisfaction in a healthy way are practically endless!

Keep yourself updated!

Although serious commitment to the three previous points will significantly improve your health and keep it at a steady condition, regular visits to your doctor will surely do no harm. Even though you may feel physically fine, the possibility of an underlying issue that only a professional could be capable of detecting is too high to be overlooked. Consulting with your doctor on a regular basis will also help to determine the best solutions for your personal healthcare.

Balance your Diet

It’s what we eat that makes us. Diet that’s rich in nutrients is a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle and one of the most effective means of cancer prevention. As such, it’s also one of the first steps in an actual cancer treatment. Consuming products that are rich in nutrients and avoiding foods that contain a lot of empty calories while lacking nutrients can serve both as an effective remedy and a preventive measure for a wide array of chronic illnesses.

Try to Spend Your Time Outdoors as much as You can

It’s a well-known fact that the warmest months of the year are also those that sees us feeling at our best. A constant supply of vitamin D, fresh air entering our lungs, muscles and minds – all of it compiles an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. As simply being outside requires no additional effort on our part it would be a shame to avoid it.

Practice Holistic Approach

Indulging in a healthy lifestyle is an all-around commitment, meaning that it’s not limited to only the physical realm. An holistic approach means taking care of your mind and spiritual health, combining mind, body and spirit. This is the key to a strong immune system. Taking on a holistic approach in your daily activities through a variety of complementary therapies is your safe pass to a more balanced and healthy lifestyle where preventive healthcare becomes a natural and enriching part of your daily routine.

Don’t Stress it. Relaxing is Essential.

Although these days having a time that’s reserved completely to ourselves is seen as somewhat of a luxury, it’s something that you can and should practice every now and then. Little retreats are crucial to letting out all the accumulated stress, whether it’s mental or physical, as living under constant pressure can trigger a variety of serious chronic conditions. As a part of our cancer treatment program here at Arizona cancer treatment center, we provide our patients with a variety of contemporary stress-reducing therapies in order to keep a balanced mental and emotional state.

Have a great and healthy 2018! We hope these tips will genuinely inspire you to tackle some postponed resolutions and embark on a journey to fulfil the new ones! Feel free to visit our health optimization page to learn other valuable tips that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle!
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