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Stress and Toxic Lifestyle

Posted on2018-04-25 10:11:10by EuroMed Physicians

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Protecting Your Mind and Body from the Effects of the Modern Routine

Although the risks that arise from questionable lifestyle choices are well-known, most of us find it really hard to reject the idea of occasional snacking with junk food, calming our nerves with alcohol and nicotine, or stir up the spirits with excessive amounts of coffee. Add a sedentary lifestyle with a lot of screen time, and you have all the ingredients of a modern lifestyle gone wrong. Occasional slips can happen to pretty much anyone but long-term consequences of these toxic lifestyle choices can be rather dire. With that said, is there actually a way to do better? Is there a way to survive the professional routine while sticking to a perfectly healthy lifestyle?

Unhealthy Habits and Stress – How they Contribute to Each Other

First, it must be acknowledged that stress and unhealthy habitude forms something that could only be described as a very undesirable vicious circle. Sleepless nights fuelled by tobacco and cups (or, perhaps, cans) of caffeinated drinks create a stress-friendly terrain. Consequentially, an individual becomes more prone to psychological damage which, in turn, makes this individual resort to consuming the actual catalysts of the condition repeatedly.

Once this pattern is in full swing, the risk of developing serious health problems, including and not limited to a variety of cancerous conditions, becomes a completely feasible scenario. That’s not even counting in the chronic fatigue this self-inflicted physical torment can instigate.

How to Reduce Stress Levels Without Resorting to Bad Habits

Experts at EuroMed Foundation receive hundreds of questions and requests regarding the possible solutions for stress and toxic lifestyle-infused illnesses on a daily basis. This, however, does not even nearly represent the actual scale of the problem. Millions of Americans suffer from chronic fatigue, toxin-overload and increased stress levels, but only a few actually turn to specialists to seek the underlying cause and treatment for their condition. Luckily, modern medicine recognizes the issue and the problem that lies at its core. Even more so, Experts at our Phoenix, Arizona Clinic have developed multiple, well-tested alternative therapies that aim to clear up the body’s terrain and change the individual’s lifestyle patterns for the better.

To improve the well-being and overall life quality of our clients, we employ a variety of methods that are centered around the idea of body and mind as a single entity within which one cannot be complete without a fully functional other. In order to strengthen the patient’s immune system and allow the energy accumulated within the organism to flow more freely, we employ the following therapies:

  • Psychosomatic energetics therapy or PSE — A therapy that aims to heal chronic stress, anxiety, trauma, depression, OCD, ADHD and treat different types of addictions. The procedure is proven to significantly reduce psychosomatic issues

  • Reflexology — a therapy that involves massaging specially selected areas on feet, hands and ears to provide better blood circulation and combat chronic fatigue

  • Homeopathic Detox — an alternative treatment therapy which aims to increase body’s stamina by consumption of specially selected natural substances

  • Nutritional Counseling — Specialists from EuroMed Foundation will devise a special dietary plan that will increase your general wellness and reinvigorate your body
  • Chelation (Heavy Metal Detox) — Every day we’re a subject of involuntary intake of heavy metals – compounds that contribute to the so-called brain fog, obesity, allergies and hardening of the arteries. Chelation is a proven way of getting rid of the heavy metals using ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid or EDTA

It’s a Combination of Our Professionalism and Your Willpower

Apart from the wide variety of methods available at our clinic, we also offer special programs that aim to exercise individual’s ability to self-heal via spiritual practice and physical activities. Although all of the aforementioned therapies are proven to be hugely effective, there has to be a strong desire to change one’s lifestyle in the first place. By following our expert’s advice and reinvigorating your body with regular therapies, there's a great chance of escaping the clutches of the modern lifestyle and its dreary consequences.

Here at our Phoenix, Arizona clinic, we exercise an individual approach to each cancer patient using a unique, tailor-made treatment plan. Call us today at (602) 404-0400 to schedule an appointment with one of our cancer experts.

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