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Alternative Treatment For Breast Cancer in Phoenix

Breast cancer is a diagnosis many women fear since in many cases it leads to personal disaster. However, with the right alternative breast cancer treatment, it’s possible to avoid unfortunate consequences and restore the body to a healthy condition. Natural breast cancer treatment is gathering more and more followers. Not many women know that they have other options. Holistic breast cancer treatment includes the standard medications prescribed by an oncologist, but the doses are reduced by 90%. These low doses would otherwise be ineffective, if they were not delivered in a low sugar environment caused by Insulin. We deliberately lower the blood glucose (sugar) using Insulin, which sensitizes the high metabolic breast cancer cells, that rely on glucose for their metabolism. This allows us to target these cells with very small doses of chemotherapy, avoiding the harsh side effects and immune suppression associated with conventional chemotherapy. This process, known as IPT or Insulin Potentiated Therapy, along with a variety of complementary treatments to boost the immune system, allows your body to fight the cancer.

Breast Cancer Treatment: Where to Start

Most people are so paralyzed by the diagnosis that they can’t get their thoughts together. Meanwhile, it’s imperative to start acting as soon as possible. The right approach to alternative treatments of breast cancer can make a difference between a healthy life and years filled with struggles.

A woman with breast cancer must start by altering her diet, however not at the expense of losing weight. Weight loss weakens the immune system.

Foods should not be high in sugar or carbohydrates. Specialists from EuroMed Foundation assist patients with designing a personalized diet to fight their particular cancer. The right nutrition plan boosts the immune system and allows the body to fight the disease.

In addition, exercising increases oxygenation, relieves stress, fatigue and brings the body more into balance. Regular moderate exercise improves sleep and quality of life. Exercise should become an integral part of a patient’s life regardless of other treatments.

Meditation is another tool many patients can use effectively. By learning how to relax the mind and body, a patient allows the organism to focus on more important thoughts, instead of being preoccupied supporting a stressful environment. Meditation is an effective way to improve a positive outlook and reduce stress.

Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment

The selection of treatments depends on the history of the disease and the individual needs of a patient.

There are many therapies required to adequately treat breast cancer. The choice of which one to use depends on the individual characteristics of each patient.

Homeopathic alternative breast cancer treatment

Homeopathy is widely used to treat different types of cancer, including breast cancer. This holistic approach allows people to avoid much of the pain and suffering associated with conventional chemo and radiation therapy.  In addition to other homeopathic remedies used, EuroMed Foundation prepares a homeopathic remedy from the patient’s pathology slides, and uses the specific remedy to attack the patient’s cancer.

Homeopathic remedies are aimed at improving the immune system and helping the body combat cancer. Holistic breast cancer treatment involves using herbal, natural, and homeopathic remedies to deal with the disease. Using treatments that trigger the immune system and taking advantage of remedies that can help fight cancer is becoming a new trend. More and more patients rely on using alternative treatments for breast cancer to lead a healthy life.

If you want to learn more about alternative colon cancer treatments and other therapies, please contact our office in Phoenix at (602) 404-0400. Schedule a consultation with one of our specialists to get answers to many of your questions.

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