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EuroMed Foundation

Alternative Cancer Treatment Methods

At the EuroMed Foundation, we employ some of the most innovative and effective therapies from around the world for the treatment of cancer. We combine the best of conventional medicine with alternative therapies to optimize the body’s ability to heal and to fight cancer. Each patient is thoroughly evaluated to determine the best treatment protocol. Whether you are seeking holistic alternative cancer treatments or relief from other chronic ailments, we can customize a treatment plan that works with your body to enhance your immune system and overall health.


We begin by testing you to find out which medications and which natural substances are most effective for you and your particular health issues. After diagnosis, your treatment plan is designed to attack the root cause of your illness, rather than simply alleviate symptoms. We will implement a course of therapy that nourishes your body, replenishing what has been lost, and cleansing away toxins that have accumulated. Your alternative medicine cancer treatment will leave your body rejuvenated, with an immune system that is stronger and more able to keep you well.

For many of our patients, we combine treatment modalities to optimize their holistic alternative cancer treatment. Patients undergoing IPT for cancer treatment may combine their treatment with many of our other treatment methods, depending on the patient’s specific treatment needs.

To learn more about treatment options available at EuroMed Foundation, request your free personal orientation online. Or you can call our Arizona cancer center at (602) 404-0400 to schedule your orientation.

Review the following pages for complete descriptions of the cancer treatment methods offered at the EuroMed Foundation:

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