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Bio-Well GDV Camera

How It Works?

Bio-Well GVD Camera makes an express photo of the gas (air) discharge stimulated by electronic avalanche from the conductive object, human fingertips in particular, placed on the glass electrode under the influence of high intensity high frequency electromagnetic ultrashort impulses. Bio-Well Software processes the obtained images and provides lots of data for parametric and visual analysis of the energetic state of person’s whole organism, systems and organs, from the perspective of energy and stress.

Bio-Well GDV Camera device is based on Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) or Electro- Photonic Imaging (EPI) technology — new era of Kirlian Photography developed in 1995 by a group of Russian scientists led by Dr. Korotkov.

Bio-Well GDV Camera is able to extract free electrons from the tissue of the human fingertip by applying very short electromagnetic impulses to the glass electrode of the device. These electrons create the gas discharge in the air around the finger, which is being photographed by the Bio-Well device with the use of the in-built video-camera.

Acupuncture Point Concept

According to the acupuncture points concept: different zones of the fingertips are connected with the energetic state of various organs and systems in the body. Therefore uniformity, amount and energy of electrons emitted by each zone is directly connected with the energetic and stress states of an organ or system associated with it.

Bio-Well Software is based on acupuncture point concept and more than 20 years of clinical researches. It provides a user with lots of parameters and visual content about energy and stress level for the whole organism, energy centers, organs and systems.

EPI/GDV has more than 200 published scientific papers in various journals worldwide in spheres of allopathic and integrative medicine, psychology, consciousness studies, sports and fundamental research.

Where Bio-Well GVD Camera is Used

Bio-Well GDV Camera is used:

  • by therapists to analyze the energy and stress state of a patient to detect most problematic zones, and to visualize the effect of therapies
  • by psychologists to analyze the psycho-emotional issues
  • by coaches and athletes to monitor the energetic state during the trainings and competitions
  • by general managers to analyze the energy and stress level of their staff
  • by organizations to minimize the errors of workers and operators on their workplaces
  • by cross-border control to detect suspicious visitors
  • by families to track the energy and stress state of family members

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