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Patient Success Stories

Some of our patients wish to share their experiences with you about undergoing our holistic cancer treatments. We express our heartfelt thanks for their courage and their willingness to “tell it like it is” in an effort to help others beginning the healing journey.

Cindy’s Story: Alternative Treatments for Breast Cancer Using IPT

Cindy’s first battle was with mercury poisoning. Cindy was a dental assistant for years and ran the x-ray machine. She was also exposed to a lot of amalgam fillings which are made with mercury.

In the 1980s she found the mercury poisoning made her extremely sensitive to heat and cold, and had essentially erased some of her memory. Also, she had gained weight because her thyroid was out of whack. “I went from doctor to doctor, trying to find out what was wrong with me. They told me there was nothing physically wrong, that I just wanted attention. Truth was, they just didn’t know enough about mercury poisoning.” Cindy worked with specialized body workers to address the mercury poisoning.

In 2000, she had a mammogram which showed a large mass in her breast, the size of a baseball. The biopsy confirmed it was breast cancer. “Everyone wanted me to have a mastectomy. No doctor I spoke with wanted to do just a lumpectomy or any less invasive breast cancer treatments in Arizona. I wanted to try a lumpectomy – I didn’t want to be mutilated if I didn’t have to be. One doctor told me he wanted to cut out 25 lymph nodes and I when asked him about living with that later, he said casually, ‘yeah, that might be a problem.’ It would be a big problem! The body’s drainage system would be gone. They don’t tell you when they cut out your lymph nodes that you will have edema – a very swollen arm – and increase your odds that the cancer will come back because your lymph system is compromised.”

At Mayo Clinic, she found a female physician who agreed to start with a lumpectomy. The surgery took 8 hours in which they made 32 incisions to cut out the mass and create a ‘clean margin.’ They took out just 3 lymph nodes which turned out to be non-cancerous. Gangrene developed after surgery, and she had to clear that up. “I had been doing laetrile treatments and that is why the lymph nodes were not cancerous. But the surgery aggravated the area.”

In 2002, she had an AMAS test done for cancer; it came back clean. She was done with her breast cancer treatment in Arizona. But she would come to learn she had gotten a false positive.

Unbeknown to Cindy, the surgery had not ‘gotten it all’ and the cancer cells inside her kept multiplying. “I had noticed lumps but I thought they were scar tissue.”

In June, 2006, the tumor erupted through her skin. It had metastasized and was beyond surgical intervention. She had inflammatory breast disease, an aggressive form of breast cancer that characteristically breaks through to the outside. “My skin turned red, as if it were on fire. My tumors came through the skin like patches of cauliflower. It was a mad little beast and it grew like wildfire. It was getting redder and meaner looking and it was hemorrhaging.”

Cindy’s tumor was bleeding through the protective wrappings with which she covered it, and then through her clothes. “People in the grocery store would see me standing in line with this bloody shirt and, well, it was a sight.”

She found a business card for Dr. Frank George that had been in her desk for some time. “I believe finding that card was divine intervention. Had I known about IPT before, I never would have had surgery. The surgery aggravated the situation. All those incisions created a lot of scar tissue – energy couldn’t flow to the breast area. But at the time, it seemed like the right thing to do. Just because you cut out a cancerous spot doesn’t mean it’s gone. I’ve learned cancer is systemic. It’s in your body. It’s like anger and once you cut it, it can get even angrier.”

Cindy called for an appointment. “When I walked in the office, I had this calm feeling. You know, usually you’re scared to death when you go to the doctor’s office for this sort of thing. The doctors explained there were many alternative treatments for breast cancer available to me. I told them, ‘Tell me what to do, and I’ll do it.’ First thing, the doctors gave me homeopathic drops which stopped almost all the bleeding immediately.”

IPT sessions came once a week at first, then one every other week, then once a month. She also took three other IVs each week. By October, 2007, the PET scan showed no cancer. In July, 2008, tumor markers again showed no sign of cancer cells in her body.

“The doctors also used a homeopathic preparation called Iscador which is used a great deal in Europe with cancer patients. It empowers the immune system to attack cancer cells. We are also teaching my body to fight for itself. You have to do that because after a while, the cancer becomes familiar to the body and the body doesn’t see the cancer as a foreign thing anymore and doesn’t fight it. You have to retrain the body to fight the cancer.”

How does Cindy compare IPT with standard chemotherapy? “The IPT method zeroes in on the cancer; the other way is a hit and miss. The IPT zeroes in because of the insulin and sugar connection. The insulin creates a feeding frenzy in the cancer cells, then in comes the stuff that just kills them. People who do standard chemo – they don’t know if the drugs they are getting are effective because everyone gets the same mix and dose. But everyone is not the same. Every body is different. If it works – fine, if it doesn’t – too bad. They don’t know what you need because it’s one-size-fits-all. I’ve heard doctors say that if anybody in their family had cancer, they would not do the standard chemo and radiation because it is not that effective. Everyone here is getting what they need for their type of cancer. It’s not cookie cutter. And you are treated like a human, not a number. There is respect here and also a feeling of hope, real hope.”

“They build up my thyroid, thymus, liver. A year after I started the IPT, I had a PET scan done and the people at the imaging center were absolutely amazed I had been doing any form of chemo and had no liver damage.”

Cindy is a firm believer in the time-honored practice of coffee enemas and colonics for cancer patients. “No wonder people who do standard chemo get so sick. After one treatment of IPT, I don’t feel so hot but once I get that out of me, I feel like a new woman. For my cancer – the most virulent form of breast cancer – alternative treatment was the answer.”

She also uses far infared heat on the tumors; her husband bought her a Cergem bed which she uses for 40 minutes a day. The heat penetrates the tissue. “Heat can kill cancer cells just as a fever is used by the body to kill a virus. Heat potentiates a chemotherapy treatment. The far infared mats put out low EMFs compared to heating blankets so they are safer and emit a specific wavelength just outside the visible spectrum – just beyond the red we can see. It is the wavelength of heat and matches being warmed by the sun. It’s why people love to cover up in the warm sand in the beach – it’s the same healing principal.”

Food, as always, is an issue in cancer. In Cindy’s case, she was a self-described health nut but through her breast cancer treatments at our Arizona cancer center, she discovered she was eating the wrong things. “All my friends were in disbelief when I got cancer because I had been so careful with my diet. The mercury made me so sensitive to food, I did the vegan, macrobiotic diet. I made sure everything was organic. I stayed away from fish because of the mercury. I thought I was avoiding sugars. In retrospect, I drank a lot of carrot juice which was high in sugar. And I didn’t know about the copper-cancer connection. I ate a lot of walnuts, almonds, lentils, hummus, squash and they are all high in copper. Some of the supplements I had been taking had copper in them.”

Cindy also told us there had been a lot of stress in her life. She had been adopted as a baby but her adoptive mother did not really accept her. It came as no surprise to Cindy that breast cancer showed up on the left side of her body. “According to the Chinese Ying and Yang, the left side of the body is the mother side of the body. I didn’t have nurturing, and when you don’t have that, you can develop breast cancer big time.”

Cindy has two daughters whom she loves very much. She struggles much more with their fears than with her own. “Movies and books convey that message that if you have cancer, you die. Maybe not at the first round of (standard) chemo, but it comes back. My daughters are so fearful they will have breast cancer too. They think that being a woman automatically means you will have it. They don’t understand yet that we all have our own paths in life, and mine is my own, and I have chosen a way to fight this that isn’t killing me at the same time it kills the cancer.”

And what does she think about the ‘fight for the cure?’

“I do not support the cancer establishment – they’ve been at it several decades and haven’t come up with a cure. There is too much money to be made in people being sick. I don’t do pink ribbons or those pink decals on the back of the car. To do that would bring cancer into my consciousness all the time and I don’t want that. I look at it as a new beginning and learning new things and becoming more spiritually aware of myself.”

If you would like to learn more about alternative treatment for breast cancer or other cancers, click here to request your free personal orientation online. Or you can call our office at (602) 404-0400 to schedule a phone or in-person orientation.

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