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Arizona Alternative Cancer Center Publishes New E-Book for Patients

Posted on July 28, 2016 by EuroMed Physicians

EuroMed Foundation, an Arizona cancer center specializing in non-traditional therapies, has compiled its articles into a new, informative online resource.

Phoenix, Arizona (October 2015) — EuroMed Foundation (www.euro-med.us) has published an e-book for patients, their families, and others interested in learning about the services provided by the Arizona alternative cancer center. According to the facility’s lead physicians, the book is meant to serve as a convenient, accessible resource.

“We have written on a variety of relevant topics over the years, and we thought an e-book would be a great way to consolidate that information, and make it accessible to those seeking it,” Dr. Helen Watt says. “Because alternative methods aren’t as well known, we make education a big priority at EuroMed.”

The center provides a range of holistic cancer treatments for people who are interested in an alternative to conventional methods including chemotherapy.

“Traditional cancer treatment can be effective in some cases, but it also has a lot of downsides,” Dr. Watt says. “We use low-dose chemotherapy and work to support the immune system instead of attack it. Patients can avoid the toxic side effects of regular chemotherapy, which are sometimes worse than the effects of the disease itself.”

The e-book devotes a large section to EuroMed’s signature treatment protocol: insulin potentiation therapy, or IPT. This method involves administering very small amounts of chemotherapy medicine with insulin, because cancer cells have many times more insulin receptors than normal cells. Because the insulin lowers blood sugar, it makes cancer cells hypersensitive, because they are much more dependent on sugar, compared to normal cells. This hypersensitivity allows for a very small dose of chemotherapy, of which the doses are reduced by 90%.

“We still attack the cancer cells, but we do it with a fraction of the doses used in traditional chemotherapy,” Dr. Watt says. “It’s a major part of our treatment protocol and has been extremely effective for our patients.”

Dr. Watt says there has been increased interest in alternative cancer therapies in recent years, and she wants to continue to spread information about other options for treatment.

“Chemotherapy and radiation aren’t the only options,” she says. “Part of why we’ve produced this e-book is to spread the word about the successes we’ve had so people are more aware of what’s available.”

The e-book also includes sections on supporting the immune system, treatments for specific cancers, analysis of recent research findings, and even cancer prevention advice.

“There’s a lot of wonderful information that can benefit any reader, not just patients looking to learn more about cancer treatment,” Dr. Watt says. “It’s full of lifestyle tips on ways to reduce toxins from your environment, change bad habits, and make good diet choices. Cancer prevention and general health optimization is an important part of what we do.”

Read the e-book online at EuroMed’s website.

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