The Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is one of the systems that affect everything in the body. It is intimately linked with the subjective state of the body and affects the defense and homeostatic systems. The defense system is part of the immune system, and along with homeostasis, helps to maintain the correct environment in which all cells can thrive. When the lymphatic fluid backs up because of a blockage, pressure builds in the lymph capillary of the cell bed resulting in the whole system becoming toxic due to a lack of waste disposal.

This toxicity prevents the cells from getting the necessary nutrients. Under these conditions, the cells lose metabolic efficiency and fail to do their job. If enough cells are in this state, degenerative conditions are free to develop and sometimes fail to respond to treatment. Clearing the lymphatic system significantly enhances the efficiency of the body to deal with pathological conditions and prevents any potential side effects of IPT.

As we involuntarily surround ourselves with toxic elements in our air, food and water, cells in our lymphatic system clump together and bond electrically with water becoming unbalanced and overburdened. Such a problem results in pain and inflammation that contributes to various chronic diseases including cancer. Cancer spreads through inflammation.

The AL4, when used as a method for maintaining health, assists in restoring the natural polarity of our electromagnetic signature, which is essential for an optimum health-protecting response and quick recovery from disease.

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When AL4 Helps?

The AL4 helps the body in the following ways:

  • Aids in properly restoring lymphatic drainage. Rapid movement of waste material within the cells can occur, which greatly increases the delivery of waste material to the organs responsible for elimination.
  • Helps with the removal of unnatural additives in our food, including steroids that mimic hormones and attach to proteins.
  • estores life to stagnant lymph pathways, creating a protective barrier for disease.
  • ssists in balancing the electromagnetic field within a few minutes, allowing the body to enter a tranquil state that can be felt from the very first use.
  • Eases side effects of IPT and encourages the healing process.
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Common Questions

What is alternative or integrative cancer treatment?

At EuroMed Foundation, alternative or integrative cancer treatment is an overarching term we use to describe the many complementary therapies we employ to kill cancer cells and support your body’s ability to heal itself. Licensed integrative cancer medicine specialists oversee all of our treatments, which have been shown to benefit overall health and well-being while treating the malignancy.

What are my treatment options?

Our treatments target cancer cells with low-dose chemotherapy while strengthening your health and immune system. We offer the George Protocol, which involves a homeopathic immune modulator, and numerous other complementary therapies as part of a customized treatment plan that targets your precise condition. We believe combining many positive treatments creates the best results.

Is alternative or integrative cancer treatment safe?

Our alternative or integrative cancer therapies are much safer than traditional treatments such as full-dose chemotherapy and radiation because the body is exposed to much less toxicity. Licensed physicians who hold themselves to the highest medical and ethical standards perform all treatments. They are committed to improving the well-being and the life of every patient who visits EuroMed Foundation.

Is alternative or integrative treatment as effective as traditional treatment?

Many of our patients turn to us after months or years of unsuccessfully fighting cancer using traditional treatments. For many patients, alternative or integrative therapies provide effective treatments to fight off their disease.

Is alternative cancer treatment covered by insurance?

Whether your treatment is covered by your insurance provider depends on your selected therapy and your coverage plan. Our staff can help you navigate the sometimes complicated intricacies of your plan to determine whether you might qualify for coverage.

Are there alternative therapies I can follow at home?

Yes. We help patients make lifestyle changes, including nutrition and exercise, that boost the immune system. We also introduce ways to help patients relieve their minds. Many side effects of cancer – such as fatigue, nausea, sleep problems, stress, and pain – can be alleviated through changes in diet, nutritional supplements, basic relaxation techniques, or a combination of these. The EuroMed Foundation team considers our patients as family and we give them specific strategies to improve their health and overcome cancer.

Am I a Good Candidate for Alternative Cancer Treatment?

Most patients who contact us will respond well to our therapies. That includes many who have already undergone conventional chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and/or surgery. Those treatments typically suppress the function of your immune system, which needs to be strengthened and retrained for effective long-term success of alternative treatments.

In certain cases a patient’s cancer is too advanced or doesn’t respond to our therapy. In those situations we usually refer that patient to another cancer center for treatment that is better suited to them. Our doctors will evaluate your condition and find a treatment path that is customized for you.

DO, MD(H), Medical Director Emeritus

Frank George

He was the first osteopathic physician in the United States trained in Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT). He was also an accomplished chelating physician with the use of EDTA, DMPS, and DMSA for heavy metal toxicity and cardiovascular disorders. Dr. George’s legacy and protocols continue to live and thrive in our clinic.