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In an age when our bodies are constantly exposed to a wide range of unhealthy exterior stimuli, it is crucial to stick to lifestyle patterns that can help to fight this negative impact. With environmental pollution, genetically modified food products and carcinogens at our workplaces, our wellness can only be protected by a strict system of dos and don’ts. With that in mind, we have compiled a little manual covering 10 habits that will help you to significantly reduce the risk of developing cancer.

1. Stick To A Proper Diet

It cannot be stressed enough how important is what we put inside ourselves. A healthy diet is a cornerstone of maintaining a cancer-unfriendly terrain in your body and requires nothing more than a concentrated effort on your part. In practice, this means avoiding red meat, charbroiled meats, saturated fat, refined sugars and pretty much any type of GM food product on the shelf. Instead, one should replace this dire selection with vegetables, fruits, and whole grain products. While it may not sound too appealing on the paper, a diet that consists of leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables, citrus fruits and high fiber products will not only protect your organism but will make you feel vastly more energized!

2. Use Natural Remedies

Now, this is not an invitation to spend the rest of the day studying the incredible variety of herbs that have been used in naturopathic medicine for thousands of years. Taking into account the constant hurry and fragmentation of the modern lifestyle, we’ll resort to something more accessible. Consuming products such as turmeric, regular green tea, raw garlic and frankincense oil are known to significantly increase body’s protective capabilities. Meanwhile, experts from EuroMed Foundation strongly recommend switching to Kangen water as your daily means of satisfying thirst. All of these products are easily accessible and can be effortlessly implemented in your daily menu.

3. Drop Every Tobacco Product

This one goes almost without saying. Consuming tobacco products and sub-products has nothing to do with a healthy bodily environment. With tobacco being associated with approximately 30% of all cancer cases globally, quitting this dangerous habit should pretty much be a straightforward decision to make.

4. Lead An Active Lifestyle

Although smoking is often seen as the most obvious contributor to different cancerous conditions, it should be noted that obesity, at least statistically, is actually just as dangerous. A lack of exercises and a sedentary lifestyle can cause immense damage, thus sticking to a regular exercise routine can prove crucial to your health in the long run. Jogging, stretching, aerobics, yoga – any form of physical activity will work as a defensive mechanism. Follow your calorie intake and remember to burn more if you decide to consume more!

5. Avoid Exposure To Toxic Environments And Products

Although people tend to associate exposure to radiation with very specific working conditions or nuclear disasters, the truth of the matter is that radiation is all around us. Beware of places that have a high concentration of residential radon and carefully manage the time you spent in direct sunlight to avoid unnecessary exposure to Ultraviolet radiation. However, keep in mind that despite the widespread stereotype, there is still no scientifically approved link between electromagnetic radiation (produced by high-voltage power lines and our cell phones) and cancer. One should also avoid contact with such industrial toxins as polychlorinated biphenyls, asbestos, benzene and aromatic amines. Although a rather hard task to tackle, one should also avoid buying products that are packed in a plastic that contains a chemical compound known as Bisphenol A.

6. Get Regular Check-ups

Even with a healthy lifestyle and no medical history to speak of, one can never be 100% sure about the condition of his/her health. That is until official confirmation from specialist arrives. Regular screenings and self-exams are a key part of keeping your body disease-free!

7. Be Careful With Your Alcohol Consumption

Although a couple of wine glasses are often recommended for their prophylactic properties, excessive alcohol consumption is linked to numerous types of cancer, and complete abstinence is often the preferable option. It has to be noted that consuming quality alcohol as means of preventing coronary heart disease is something that one might resort to when nearing the 40-year threshold. Alcohol consumption often goes hand in hand with other unhealthy habits such as smoking and does not provide any significant health benefits for people in their early to late 20’s.

8. Provide Yourself With Vitamin D

Although it may seem somewhat contradictory, since one of the most popular tips for reducing the risk of developing cancer is to avoid unnecessary exposure to sunlight, Vitamin D is something a healthy organism simply cannot exist without. However, with the recommended daily amount of 800 to 1000 UI, one should surely need to spend a lot of time in the sun. Luckily, there’s a wide range of supplements that can provide you with an additional dose of the valuable vitamin.

9. Lead A Well-balanced, Stress-free Life

Surely, this may seem like too much to ask with regards to the modern lifestyle. However, keeping both your body and mind in top shape will turn your whole being in a disease-proof fortress. Practices such as meditation, breathing exercises, long walks and quality sleep will provide you with the much-needed sense of mental and physical balance – the state which holistic medicine is essentially all about.

10. Consider Complementary Therapies

Complementary therapies, despite the common opinion, are not something one should resort to only when the disease has actually occurred. Instead, they have an incredible prophylactic potential which should be employed as means of long-term protection. With numerous treatments that foster the detoxification process and help to maintain a cancer-unfriendly terrain in the human organism, EuroMed Foundation has been spearheading the field of alternative and complementary medicine for years.

Want to learn more about habits and methods that reduce the risk of developing cancer? Make sure to contact specialists at EuroMed Foundation! Here at our Phoenix, Arizona clinic, we exercise an individual approach to each cancer patient using a unique, tailor-made treatment plan. Call us today at (602) 404-0400 to schedule an appointment with one of our cancer experts.

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