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Bone Cancer Alternative Treatment In Arizona

About Bone Cancer

Bone cancer is not among the most common cancers in the United States. However, about 3970 people are diagnosed with it every year. This cancer has an 75% - 91% five-year survival rate when discovered at an early stage.

Many people are looking for alternative and complementary methods to treat bone cancer. These methods can help fight the disease while easing the side effects caused by other treatments. A holistic approach to the bone cancer treatment can lead to achieving excellent results and may reduce the death rate.

Bone Cancer Alternative treatment

Alternative bone cancer treatment practices come from different countries. Some have been applied for thousands of years to deal with a number of diseases. Many alternative treatments are currently being researched.

The combination of different alternative approaches can often result in a successful therapeutic protocol. These include Insulin Potentiated Therapy, Heat and Oxygen therapy, IV therapies and others.

Herbal Medication And Nutritional Therapy

A big part of alternative therapies for bone cancer patients is nutritional and herbal methods. Supplements, vitamins, and herbs can be prescribed to cancer patients to improve their immune system, relieve pain, and improve the quality of life.

Many foods have an anti-inflammatory effect to help cancer patients deal with the disease. For example, an Omega-3 rich diet can improve the immune system in a person with bone cancer. Such products as garlic, onion, turmeric and others have impressive anticancer benefits.

Mind-Body Practices To Treat Bone Cancer

Another subdivision of the alternative bone cancer approach is mind and body practices. These therapies use the mind’s ability to influence the body. They include hypnotherapy, meditation, music and art therapy, visualization, and even prayer.

If you want to learn more about the alternative treatments for patients with bone cancer, as well as other therapies available at alternative cancer treatment center EuroMed Foundation, please call us at (602) 404-0400 to set up a remote or in-person consultation with one of our specialists.

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