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Alternative Treatment for Prostate Cancer

As one of the more common types of the disease, prostate cancer is without a doubt one of the most publicly discussed and actively fought (think of all the public efforts to raise awareness) types of cancer today. Luckily, it is also one of the more effectively treatable. With 1 out of 9 males in the U.S. diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime, it is imperative to know all the options one has, in case they unwillingly have to join this dispiriting statistic. Among a wide range of alternative prostate cancer treatments, the holistic approach comes off as a one that has a bit of everything. Working in fusion with allopathic methods, it’s a complex albeit effective way to mobilize both your body and mind for a decisive victory.

Start Alternative Treatment For Prostate Cancer

It’s safe to say that the diagnosis always arrives as a shock. Here it is crucial to retain a constructive and rational thought, avoiding slipping into extremes. Once you have the right mind-set in order, you can start to take pro-active steps at tackling the disease. Naturally, one of the more obvious changes you should take on is related to your lifestyle. New, vitamin rich, low-sugar and empty calories-free diet, enhanced by a new exercise routine. Even if this means a complete switch up of your usual dietary and athletic habitude, it’s the one you surely shouldn’t second guess. Think of it as establishing and strengthening the fortress that is your immune system. The most customary dietary suggestions in the case of prostate cancer are those coming from the traditional Japanese diet and the Southern Mediterranean diet. The common characteristic of both menus is the low amount of red meet and the emphasis on oil-rich dishes, with fish meat playing a prominent role. While the Japanese kitchen sees you embracing soy, green tea and vegetables, Mediterranean one sees you enriching your meal with fruits, tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and some occasional glass of red wine. Another characteristic that’s particularly important in boosting you body’s capacity to resist the disease – both diets are low in empty calories and fat. For more details about the mentioned diets and their benefits on your health make sure to consult the specialists from EuroMedFoundation. Besides a thought-out and nourishing diet, it’s also extremely important to pay attention to your surroundings. Seemingly hazard-free objects such as air fresheners, body lotions, fragrances, food packaging and household cleaning products contain harmful compounds, capable of causing serious damage and increasing the risk of developing cancer. Make sure to consume eco-friendly products and avoid contact with items that contain chemicals known as phthaletes (found in shampoos, toys, vinyl flooring, and even raincoats), and Bisphenol-A (BPA). The latter is scientifically proved to be linked with increased risk of developing prostate cancer and is found in surprisingly widespread objects we’re interacting with on a daily basis. Canned foods, cash receipts, and a wide variety of common plastic products - all of these have a negative effect on prostate stem cell proliferation. Surely, it is borderline impossible to exclude all of the items from your life. Nevertheless – try to exclude as many as you can. It’s a pivotal step to take in order to ensure all-around preventive measures. Another important step is the embracing of physical activities. Whether it’s meditation, yoga or traditional, multi-stage daily exercise program, it’s a great way to provide your body with some additional energy, relieve stress, prevent sleep disorders and set the balance in your mind. Meanwhile, the art of meditation opens the door for a new realm of self-awareness, thus, allowing you to shift all your focus and inner energies towards the ultimate solution.

Homeopathic Approach

Undeniably, homeopathic approach has been gathering increasing popularity for quite some time now, which is easily explainable with the general upheaval in the global homeopathic community. However, such tendency is only welcomed since the vast majority of scientific researches indicate that homeopathic prostate cancer treatment is an effective method of reducing the side effects from both chemo and radiation therapies, as well as preventing cancer from its recurrence. Working in combination with complimentary cancer treatments, it is also known to increase the chances of beating the disease into a regressive state. Although it’s by no means a way to singlehandedly cure the disease, homeopathic approach has shown some incredible results when it comes to decreasing the tumour growth and limiting the spreading of metastasis. Compiling the compounds found in plants, minerals, and herbs, homeopathic remedies usually work by targeting and separating the tumour cells from the healthy cells, effectively preventing the from spreading into the other parts of the prostate and the rest of the body. The most popular remedies in the case of homeopathic cancer treatment are saw palmetto (Sabal Serullata), Crotolus H, Conium, Nux vomica, Sepia, Selenium, Kali Bich, Silicea, Nitric Acid, Thuja, Staphisagria, Phosphorous. However, keep in mind that homeopathic option is also a one that requires an individual approach to the treatment! Make sure to consult your doctor in person before embarking on a course!

Natural Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Just like any other disease, prostate cancer has plenty of natural enemies that the particular condition does not tolerate very well. That’s, of course, a clear indicator that you should incorporate them into your diet or consume in any other way you see fit. In the case of prostate cancer, there’s an abundance of natural extracts, most of which are coming from products available in any mainstream grocery store. Cayenne peppers, better known as chilli peppers, are a source of the compound known as capsaicin. This substance is not only the secret behind their trademark spiciness but is also a natural predator (pardon the analogy) of prostate cancer cells, known to inhibit their growth. Spicy as they are, this is a sufficient enough reason to have a snack on one every now and then! Another easily attainable and popular natural remedy comes in the form of cruciferous vegetables. Brussel sprouts, kale, broccoli and numerous other entries in the cruciferous category contain phytochemical DIM. This compound is particularly savage, performing a diversion that cuts off an enzyme, which is directly involved in the growth of cancer cells. All of this while leaving the healthy cells perfectly intact. Apart from plenty of other beneficial factors, this explains why cruciferous vegetables should be a part of everyone’s daily menu. There are plenty of other, seemingly regular, natural products that can aid and mobilize your body for its optimal state. Ginger, pomegranate, resveratrol (found in red grapes and wine), curcumin, green tea, and shiitake mushrooms – all of them share one common characteristic - their powerful anti-cancer properties! Fortunately, none of these products are either rare or exclusive and can be found in their pure, un-processed form in any vegetable market or nearby organic grocery store. Next to incorporating the abovementioned products in your diet, it’s also important to embrace the variety of therapies that could function as effective stress reducers! Aromatherapies, music therapy or any kind of meditative process will have a great effect on your spiritual balance, helping to maintain the right mind-set throughout your therapy cycle.

Controlling and Eventually Eliminating Prostate Cancer

Employing the best complimentary therapies in combination with allopathic procedures, the specialists at our Phoenix, Arizona clinic have successfully treated prostate cancer patients on more than one occasion. If you’re interested in more details about alternative prostate cancer treatment and the available therapies, call our office at (602) 404-0400 and schedule an appointment with one of our specialists.

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